Wafae is the artist-creator of BILLYADI brand.  

From engineering she converted to craftsmanship as much by commitment to the Moroccan cultural heritage as by love for the manual arts. With the Moroccan master craftsmen, Wafae nourished her passion and developed a know-how combining design, painting and calligraphy. She therefore decided to settle among them by opening a small leather workshop, where she designs leather goods with an elegantly unique and distinguished tone. 

Her motto: to give a new breath to Moroccan craftsmanship by harmoniously reconciling the authentic and the modern. 

Wafae also works on the development of a network of multidisciplinary craftsmen for the maintenance, renewal, and above all the sharing of craft know-how.

Kawthar ZAOUI


Kawthar is a 22 year old student in a Master's degree in French-speaking countries.

Passionate about Art and Culture, she joins BillYadi in 2017 as Junior Community Manager. Kawthar helps us to develop our communication approach on social networks, and works on the presentation of our brand image to our customers and internet users.

Kawthar is also our top model!



Dreamer, artist and passionate about handmade products, Yasmin is a designer specializing in leather work. 

Laureate of the Cairo School of Art, she worked in media production before embarking on a long journey of experimentation in handcrafted production and eventually specializing in the design of leather products and developing a great passion for handmade shoe making.

She quotes: You are able to achieve what you want when you put your heart and soul into it.

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