Where Calligraphy meets Moroccan Artisanat


BillYadi stands out with its must-have leather goods. Our productions are in essence practical, trendy and fashionable with collections matching different seasons and different tastes. We highly recommend you discover them for yourself! 


Together with our customers, we create unique articles. Our know-how is at your disposal and our uniqueness is defined by you. BillYadi is proud to put its customers at the heart of every creation by you and for you.


BillYadi is also about sharing all we have learned and are learning on a daily basis from master craftsmen working directly or indirectly with us. Our artisanal roots keep us grounded. They are precious and we are deeply committed to preserving, renewing and reproducing them through the many calligraphy and leather workshops we organize.


Stay Tuned!





BillYadi, or the unique accessory that passionately preserves and renews the Moroccan artisanal heritage, Combines several disciplines: design, painting, calligraphy, zakhrafa and leather work essentially, the brand offers a varied choice of leather accessories, entirely made by our own care and our own hands. 


Proudly nourished by traditional Moroccan know-how and modern aesthetics, our creations are for all types of customers, and our thematic collections match their different tastes.


We work carefully to make our leather articles, ensuring a quality finish with a pronounced hand touch.

We make a point of embellishing our creations by mixing several ornamental styles.


7orouf, meaning letters in English, is our calligraphic signature on the articles of this collection.


Loose and hand-painted letters decorate each item differently from another and make it a unique piece.



21 Place des Oudayas, Avenue Al Marssa

Rabat 10030, Morocco


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